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Arin Ray - Dead Players testimony (Interlude) Lyrics

Dead Players testimony (Interlude) Lyrics

Fuck is we doin', fellas and fools?
Yes, for work, we bringin' them tools
Breakin' our rules, now shit done got out of hand
When the whole hands, messed times, it's schedule
High vibes, we next to
Stakes high, eyebrows high, actin' irregular
Momma crib with WiFi still on the cellular
Tellin' all your business to (?) breakings and missions
Pickin' up a car, hands old gas and emissions
Eyes tired, soul tired, dawg, just tell one lie
For old times sake, call up old hoes, ayy
Ayy, if you ain't out here playin', I cling to your heart
If I do, I hope you know that it's a dog in this man
Mastered the art of no fucks gave, a waverider
An all-nighter, a good buyer
Not a sleep tighter, where the register is? Fire a plan
Watchin' the player in me dyin', dead

You are just what I had in mind
I was lookin' for you
(?) in my head a million times
Baby, I'm there for you
She was just what I had in mind
I was lookin' for you
(?) in my head a million times
(?) in my corner, uh
From a distance, you can make we wonder, uh
What if?
My life (?) is holdin' over me

Oh, I'm good, are you?
Oh, yeah, I'm just, uh
I'm lookin' at this Airbnb, uh, up the way
I was thinkin' we can you know
Get away for a little bit and
Me and you, just slide, I'll, I'll pick you up
Pack your lil' bag
That sound good?

Song Credits

Song: Dead Players testimony (Interlude)
Artists: Arin Ray
Album: Hello Poison
Genre: R&B/SOUL
Release Date   :    June 03, 2022
Label: Interscope Records

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