All the Flowers Lyrics

Never thought the day would come
When I would find someone
To love me only
To love me only

Thought I'd try to settle down
I'd stay close to the ground
I'd spend the hours
Counting all the flowers

I'll be gone so fast, I'll fly
Across the midnight sky
Arrived or leaving
You can bet l'm dreaming
You can bet I'm dreaming

I've been spending too much time
Searching in vain to find
The only reason
The only reason

To be alive
To be alive, to try
To be somebody
To bе somebody
To be alive
And with anothеr
And with another
To be alive
To be alive

Song Credits

Song: All the Flowers
Artists: Angel Olsen
Album: Big Time
Genre: Alternative
Release Date   :    June 03, 2022
Label: Jagjaguwar