Song Info. 

  • Song: Messiah
  • Singer: Austra
  • Album: HiRUDiN
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: May-01-2020
  • Label: Domino Recording Co Ltd

 Messiah Lyrics 

As I stand
I'm not a Messiah
So take me down 
Back to the ground

I'm not your answer
I can't be your escape
You've raised me up
I'm in the sky

Don't be surprised
When I can't deliver
The pulse you need
This old machine

Don't be surprised
When I can't deliver
A heavy breath
Mountain of steam...

We may be cast
My worlds may be broken
In spite of this
Give me your heart

I will not lift you
But I can guide you
I'll be your shadow
You'll be the light

And out of ballads
We'll settle between us
I'll be the body
I'll be the spine